What is a strategic consultant

When something is born out of your silence then it has significance

Silence brings you to your very center. And your center is not only your center; it is the center of the whole existence. Only on the periphery we are different. As we start moving toward the center, we are one. We are part of eternity, a tremendously luminous experience of ecstasy that is beyond words. Something that you can be... but very difficult to express it. But a great desire arises in you to share it, because all other people around you are groping for exactly such experiences. And you have it, you know the path.

Creativity and silence are not antagonistic; real creativity comes only out of silence. The creativity that is against silence is nothing but fever: it is the feverish activity of the mind. It is just the noise of the mind, it is not much, it has no value really. When something is born out of your silence then it has significance. And one has to live in silence before one can write or say something valuable, because only in silence do you gather, do the juices of your being become integrated… and then one day you are capable of overflowing. That is creativity: overflow is creativity, overflowing energy is creativity. One can write, one can compose, one can sculpt, one can paint, just from the mind. Then they are therapeutic. It is good therapy, art is good therapy; it unburdens you, it makes you feel relaxed.

See the point: there is a creativity that comes out of relaxation—I call it true creativity—and there is a relaxation that comes out of so-called creativity; that relaxation is only because you are unburdened. Something was haunting you—you have written it; it is a catharsis. Something was torturing you and you have painted—you have thrown it out. Now it no more haunts you, no more tortures you; you feel good. It was like a burden on your head. You have put it into a poem, into music, and your head feels unburdened, but the causes which created the burden in the first place are still there; they will create it again. Within a few days you will again be burdened, again tensions will accumulate and again you would like to do something. And always when you do something you will feel relaxed…So people who are too burdened with thinking will always feel relaxed after they have spoken because while they are speaking they cannot think.